Tasty Vittles

We serve up tasty treats from the heaven above, Hendricks BBQ.

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Whiskey, Moonshine, n' More

Dang lotta bourbon y'all. Just sayin'.

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Check Schedule

See what's shakin' & who's rockin' the stage tonight.

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Parking & Directions

Find yerself a spot to stick yer car.

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Delicious Hendricks' BBQ Nachos

Delicious Slow-Smoked BBQ Eats

You will LOVE our slow-smoked BBQ, served fresh from Hendricks BBQ upstairs. We proudly offer sandwiches, sides, and BBQ nachos from award-winning Hendricks BBQ restaurant.

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Over 350 Whiskies!

You might guess from our name, Moonshine Blues Bar, we specialize in whiskey and moonshine!  We are constantly adding new spirits to the bar downstairs, so even the most experienced

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Cigar Box Guitar

The cigar box guitar is a primitive chordophone that uses an empty cigar box for a resonator. “Guitar” refers to the traditional instrument and to a string bass. The earliest

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